Mix it up. Take notes. Connect.

Meet somebody new in class today.

Real time collaboration

Simple, reliable and fast note syncing

Built on Node.js and Socket.io, we sync all your notes live with your partner. With Notability, chat, multitasking, and upload syncing is a piece of cake. Don't worry about saving; every time you type, the entire document is updated server side, so everybody always has the full copy.

Intelligent Matching

Algorithmic preference-based match-finding

With full Facebook integration, we can automatically pull in your data and crunch numbers to find you someone that you'd like to collaborate with. We can also figure out what classes your friends are taking, give intelligent suggestions, and more.

Lightning-fast Analytics

Track multiple lecture metrics live

With our Node.js backend, we can give you real time updates with statistics about your current lecture. Every lecture has a "Professor Panel" that shows relevant, live analytics, with some nice animation to boot.

How does it work?

Expand your network in 4 easy steps.

Meeting new people in the classroom has never been easier. Simply log in with Facebook, find your class, matchmake and go. You can also choose to publish your notes afterwards. In fact, once you've published a note, you can view others' public notes as well.

Enroll in a class

Once you've signed in, simply find a class through the search bar (or one of the classes we've found based on your friends!) and click the enroll button.

Roll a partner

After enrolling, if you want to start immediately, you can join in the current lecture. Now you'll be redirected to your collaborative notepad!

Take some notes

Now that you're in a notepad, you can start taking notes. Once your partner joins, you're in business! Also, if you prefer, you can also reroll.

Meet new friends

Congratulations! You've made a set of lectures notes that you can publish to your friends, and (more importantly) a new buddy.

What are you waiting for?